How to Make Kahlua Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars at Home

Ah, Monday!   I hope you had a nice weekend.  Did you watch the Oscar’s last night?  Apparently it was a good night for The Artist.  I haven’t seen it, but considering very few movies can hold my attention, I’m guessing a silent one definitely wouldn’t.  Speaking of movies, this weekend I learned that I’m an ABC Family type of movie person.  This weekend I watched Legally Blonde and Mrs. Doubtfire twice, and caught scenes of The Lion King in between Syracuse barely beating UConn.  I k now, it’s a crazy life I live!

Now that you know my taste in movies is on par with tweens, let’s grow up a little.  To the legal drinking age preferably, because today is National Kahlua Day!  I randomly visit this page to see when random national food days are (seriously, there is a day for everything) and today, February 27th, is Kahlua’s day.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Kahlua, but it just so happened I had a bottle of it lying around.  Not surprisingly, I also had some cookie dough waiting for something fun to happen to it.  So in went the Kahlua, along with a big handful of chocolate chips, and soon enough I was pulling Kahlua dark chocolate chip cookie bars out of the oven.

On the cookie-to-cake spectrum, these are right in the middle.  Fairly firm like a cookie, with a defined chocolate chip cookie taste, yet still somewhat soft and cake-like.  Basically, if you’re craving both a chocolate chip cookie and a slice of cake, these are your bars.

Since the Kahlua flavor in the cookie bars wasn’t that strong, I ended up whipping up a little Kahlua yogurt sauce to top the bars with.  Super simple, all you do is mix two parts Greek yogurt with 1 part Kahlua.  Yum!

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