Doritos Brownies (Home Made Recipe)

Happy Monday & Happy Presidents Day!  Thank you, historical presidents, for doing what you did best.  Thanks to you, today we get to sleep in and pretend it’s Sunday all over again.

I’ve got quite a backup of recipes for sharing, so I tried to pick out the most patriotic one today, given the holiday.  I *almost* picked one for a peanut butter sandwich (seriously, it’s a good one, and PB sandwiches are very American…) but instead I settled on something a bit more, well, interesting… Doritos brownies!

I think Doritos brownies are pretty patriotic.  Nothing says good old American dessert like a dense chocolate brownie, right?  And you know us Americans love our chips.  So there you have it, marry the two — brownies and Doritos — and you’ve got a brownie to honor the likes of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln… or something like that.

Some of you are probably intrigued by this strange combination… others, disgusted.   But trust me when I tell you these are very tasty!  I wish I could take credit for dreaming up these sweet ‘n salty brownies, but I cannot — my friend had the idea to make them a few months ago on a weekend trip to NYC.  We never got around to making them, so I promised to whip up a batch and stick ‘em here on the blog.

Since the chips are stirred into the brownie batter and then cooked with the brownies, they don’t end up *quite* as cheesy as they are straight out of the bag.  But you can definitely still taste the cheese flavor, and the chips stay nice and crispy, giving the brownies quite a bit of crunch.

I think George and Abe would have loved these.

…After putting the brownies into the oven, I found myself with a bit of brownie batter that I had strategically left in the bowl — you know, for snacking.  But as I looked at the bag of Doritos hanging out on the counter I thought, what if…

I dipped Doritos into brownie batter?

Yeah, that was a verrrryyyy good idea.  It’s really a shame I did this two weeks after the Super Bowl, because I do believe these would make quite the snack for such an occasion!  But you know, March Madness is right around the corner!  (Go Orange!)

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